January 14th, 2019

It’s been a while and we are excited that we will have a brand new website up next month! The last few months Valve’s control room has been completely rebuilt along with new racks all under the design and build of the acoustics team responsible for the acoustics at Capital Records Studio A, Bernie Grundman Mastering, Green Day’s studio and more. A pair of ATC monitors have also been added to the monitoring choices in the room. We will be posting photos from the build and the completed room in the coming weeks. The improvement is quite drastic and we are already hearing the results in tracking and mixing. Looking to making some great sounding records for 2019!!

July – Dec 2013

February 14th, 2014

Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane… No, it’s the bi-annual yearly Valve Studios year in review update.

October thru December. Valve had the great pleasure of welcoming ‘The King of R&B’ Mr. R. Kelly himself to the studio. It was an amazing experience to watch him work. Incredibly talented and great guys. Look to hear what they recorded next week on Jimmy Kimmel and other shows. Producer Casey Di Iorio began tracking for 3 songs with artist Keite Young who brought in just an amazing band (Philly guys). We took a quick week long trip to England to record the final Bowling for Soup shows on their farewell tour. Was an amazing time. They killed it to sold out crowds every night. Look for a live DVD sometime next year. Back in Texas, mixing and mastering for the Heart and Hero debut release was completed while local pop duo The Brehms came in to work on two songs with Producer Casey Di Iorio. Thanks to Andy and Bill from The Blurries for coming in to lay down basic tracks. Vocals for a few songs were also cut for country artist Ali Dee with Casey Di Iorio. Was fun cutting vocals over some Nashville tracks.

August and September saw continued tracking for These Machines are Winning with some additional guitars added by Casey Di Iorio. Final tracking and mixing was also completed by Casey for Sun City’s new release and sent off to Alan Douches at West West Side for his sweet caress or as others might say… mastering. Drummer Bill Spellman came in to add some cool cymbal work to the Heart and Hero electronic tunes as more overdubs were completed and mixing started. Red Like Heat’s debut album returned from mastering and will be out on Idol Records hopefully by the end of the year.

July had These Machines are Winning back cutting more vocals and bass with producer Casey Di Iorio. One session included guest vocals by Sarah Jaffe and Taylor Rea which turned out amazing. Tracking continued for the upcoming Sun City album produced by Casey Di Iorio. Valve also welcomed back producer Daniel Paul to cut basic tracks for an upcoming project. Dallas pop rockers Heart and Hero continued overdubs with Casey for their debut album.

Just want to say thanks to all of the incredible artists for making it another great year here at Camp Valve, where all the coffee is strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the gear is above average?

New Gear: Universal Audio Vintage 175 compressor, Shure Level Loc, Allegra 14″ Maple Hoop Snare