Testing, testing… Is this thing on? Oh, hello there!

So, yeah… We’re running a little behind with the updates but, 2011 was too good a year not to at least give the low down so, here’s the “highlight reel”.

The first half of the year saw producer Casey Di Iorio doing the final tracking and mixing for The Blurries “Paper Cuts” record which was then mastered by the legendary Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound. If you don’t own this by now, go get it. John Dufilho came in to work on some new Deathray Davies tunes, Michael Jerome (Course of Empire, Richard Thompson, Better Than Ezra) flew in to lay down some sweet drums tracks for the upcoming Bat Lanyard release and Dylan Silvers ([DARYL], The Crash That Took Me, Polyphonic Spree) worked with Casey Di Iorio producing the vocal & bass tracks for his new project ‘These Machines are Winning’. Producer Will Hunt (Evanescence, The Burning Hotels) was in the house with Houstonites The 71’s cutting basic tracks and local favorites Here Holy Spain finished up their sophomore release “Division” with Casey, which was artfully mastered by Alan Douches.

In the immortal words of Billy Mays, “Wait! There’s more.”

2011 really finished strong with the tracking and mixing of new Bowling for Soup songs by Casey Di Iorio. Then John Dufilho made 2 more appearances, the first as Co-Producer along side Casey Di Iorio for Darstar’s Tiny Darkness album (Idol Records) and then again for a bit of tracking for Dufilho’s own John Singer Sergeant record (Kirtland Records). Production for Jake Mai’s upcoming release started with Casey Di Iorio at the helm producing while The Minor Prophets recorded and mixed their sophomore release “The Way”. Rounding out the year producer Daniel Mendez (Duran Duran, Lit, Dashboard Confessional) was in for 10 days recording tracks for Lucy Ever After, with Casey Di Iorio on guitar. Will Hunt reappeared once again for more tracking with The 71’s.

As you can see 2011 was a crazy year and we were lucky to work with such great artists, engineers and producers. We promise to try to get updates out more frequently as 2012 is only halfway through and it’s already a doozy!

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