July – Dec 2012

So… We didn’t quite hit our more than 1 website update a year “quota”, what are ya gonna do? Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, he eats you. Without further ado we present: 2012 Year In Review (Side 2)….

July started off with continued tracking with Casey Di Iorio and The Polyphonic Spree for their upcoming Christmas record. At the producing helm, Casey Di Iorio began tracking with Dallas’ Red Like Heat for their debut release while Houstonites The 71s came up to mix with Casey for their upcoming “We are the 71s” release. July also welcomed back our buddies Jarinus (Linus of Hollywood / Jaret Reddick) for a day of tracking. In August, Valve welcomed Producer/Engineer Sterling Winfield (HellYeah, King Diamond, Pantera) for 3 days of tracking while Casey Di Iorio co-produced and mixed Matthew LaBrot’s – “Inevitable” EP. September saw mixing for Dallas duo The Brehms completed, additional tracking for Bat Lanyard’s upcoming release, along with Joe Bannon tracking, all with Casey Di Iorio at the helm. Rounding out September, Producer John Roberts spent 2 weeks tracking Fever Dreamer’s -“Brothers in Bad Blood” EP.

October saw The Polyphonic Spree back in for 2 weeks of tracking with Producer Eric Drew Feldman (OK Go, Frank Black, Sparklehorse) and Casey Di Iorio engineering for their upcoming release, “Yes, It’s True”. A few overdubs and rough mixes were completed by Casey Di Iorio for The Polyphonic Spree’s upcoming Live DVD also. Austinite Stephen Pierce of Zest of Yore fame returned to Valve to have his upcoming solo disc mastered by Casey. November/December saw The Polyphonic Spree return for final overdubs for their upcoming disc while Producer John Dufilho came in to work with Casey Di Iorio to record basic tracks for Bawcomville’s full length record – “Tranny”. Overdubs also continued for Red Like Heat’s debut.

That finishes up 2012, it was a great year and we were super excited to be a part of all the excellent artists and records that came through here. 2013 is over the halfway mark and has been awesome. So until next time…

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